Technical program

Registration and welcoming of the participants

Opening remarks

Keynote: Susan Athey (The Economics of Technology Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University)

Data-driven market design

Paper session: 2 long talks

Online Budgeted Truthful Matching
R. Vaze, M. Coupechoux

Competitive Rumour Spread in Social Networks
Y. Lim, A. Ozdaglar, A. Teytelboym

Coffee break and poster session

Paper session: 2 long talks

Network Formation of Coalition Loyalty Programs
A. Goel, V. Kamble, S. Banerjee, A. Goel

Two-Stage Game Theoretic Modelling of Airline Frequency and Fare Competition
R. Harder, V. Vaze

Keynote: Guido Imbens (The Applied Econometrics Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University)

Exact P-values for Network Interference

Lunch break

Keynote: Jean Walrand (Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley)

Discounted regret minimization and expert selection

Paper session: 2 long talks

The Superposition-Traffic Game
A. Hota, H. Honnappa, S. Sundaram

Timelines are Publisher-Driven Caches: Analyzing and Shaping Timeline Networks
A. Reiffers-Masson, E. Hargreaves, E. Altman, W. Caarls, D. Menasché

Paper session: 2 short talks

A simulation framework for uneconomic virtual bidding in day-ahead electricity markets
Y. Shan, C. Prete, G. Kesidis, D. Miller

Search (Non-)Neutrality and Impact on Innovation
P. L'Ecuyer, P. Maillé, N. Stier-Moses, B. Tuffin

Coffee break and poster session

Paper session: 2 long talks

Pricing for Sharing Economy with Reputation
Q. Ma, J. Huang, T. Başar, J. Liu, X. Chen

Pricing for a Hybrid Delivery Model of Video Streaming
J. Grégoire, A. Hamel, D. Kilgour

Paper session: 3 short talks

Internet Service Providers vs. Over-the-Top Companies: Friends or Foes?
A. Antonopoulos, C. Perillo, C. Verikoukis

How Much is Your Attention Worth? Analysis of Prices in LinkedIn Advertising Network
C. Xia, S. Guha, S. Muthukrishnan

Performance of a fixed reward incentive scheme for two-hop DTNs with competing relays
T. Nguyen, O. Brun, B. Prabhu

Keynote: Michael Kearns (Professor and National Center Chair, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania)

Private Search in Social Networks